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Business and market analytics solutions

Business Research, Industry Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Rapid Research Solutions, Regulatory Support, Newsletters.

Business analytics provides important strategic insights by identifying and analyzing the business and market needs, thereby helping our clients keep ahead of competition.

Arivum works with companies in all major industries to provide detailed customized reports and analysis.

Some of the solutions we provide include:

Business research support

Industry analysis
Company/ Product/ Geography SWOT Analysis
Market Assessment studies
Geography PESTER analysis
Competitor profiling/ benchmarking
Newsletters - fortnightly/ monthly updates
Rapid research solutions

Regulatory research support

Benchmarking regulation across geographies
Due-diligence support vis-à-vis regulation
Quarterly Updates
Case Studies

Case Studies

Alternative Energy - Competitive Intelligence on X to Fuels

The project aimed at studying the state-of-the-art in the domain of conversion of feedstock such as Natural gas, Coal and Wastes to fuels (especially Gasoline). Focused research was conducted to identify players active in the domain, who were then benchmarked and ranked on technical and operational capabilities. The analysis was instrumental in assessing client’s overall positioning in the space, and identifying competition, and potential partnership opportunities.

Technical capabilities were assessed by performing a detailed analysis of the analysis of each player’s patent portfolio and scientific literature publications. Operational capabilities were benchmarked using parameters such as number of operating plants (existing and planned), plant capacities, strategic focus on building operational capabilities, and many more.

Market Analysis - Telecommunications

The client owned a technology which is currently widely used in several telecommunication products. The project involved extensive business research to understand and quantify the revenues attributable to the given technology (for a given set of companies). The product portfolios of these companies were studied and searches were performed to identify information such as trends in volumes of products shipped, historical prices (publicly available information), launch dates, changes in market acceptance levels through infusion of the client’s technology, etc. This information was analyzed to understand the revenues and value attributable to client’s technology – for each application area and across several companies.

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