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Knowledge portals and web analytics

Competitive Intelligence Dashboards, Content Management Solutions, Patent Search and Collaboration Tools, Data Management Systems for Attorneys, Supply-Chain Management Tools, Customized Applications

We offer customized application development, web solutions, and dashboards for enterprises to organize the vast amount of knowledge/data available for providing an overall view of the business. These applications/dashboard are highly customizable and can provide trend analysis over a period of time. Information can be updated with help of backend seamlessly and automatically, thereby saving you time and money.

Some of the Knowledge Management Solutions offered by us are:

Competitive Intelligence dashboards
Patent search and collaboration tools
Project management dashboard
Content management solutions
Knowledge repositories
Newsletters & industry update dashboards
Data management system for attorneys
Technology dashboards
Training management dashboards
E-learning and Learning Management Solutions
Supply chain management tools
Customized applications
Case Studies

Case Studies

Database Management

The client is a not-for-profit organization operating in the domain of Technology Transfer and Commercialization. The project involved studying the processes of the organization, collating the existing information, interviewing different stakeholders to understand their roles and responsibilities and designing a knowledge management solution. The key objectives were: facilitating easy knowledge sharing, building a sustainable database, and providing a user-friendly interface for the staff (with predefined access privileges for different levels). A cost-effective solution was designed to cater the above needs, and integrated with the existing IT infrastructure.

The project has gone live recently and the initial feedback is highly encouraging. Clear efficiency gains are already been reported by members from different functions of the organization.

Competitive Intelligence Dashboard - Olefin Production technologies

The objective of the project was to build a knowledge management platform for hundreds of megabytes of information collated during the research on olefin production technologies. The research project involved analyzing the technologies and business capabilities of several companies in the area of olefin production – including thousands of patents, scientific publications, business news, production plant details, and much more. The knowledge management platform (Management dashboard) was designed to manage all this information, provide ‘user-friendly’ dynamic interfaces for analytics, and facilitate easy access (restricted) to authorized personnel from the client side. In summary, a virtual knowledge-sharing board was created for the client’s and our research teams. The platform facilitated easy interactions with the data, cross border access through secured channels, and most of all – an ever growing and specialized repository of ‘knowledge’ on the subject, at negligible costs.

Showcased Solutions

marcom productions Knowledge Management Tools

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